Once Off Consultancy Session

Why Have One Session?

  • You are confused about anything and everything.  The confusion has taken over your life, to the point you can’t see what is the next step to take?
  • You may deep in the trenches of your Divorce, and need to make a major decision – but you can’t think straight?
  • You need some unbiased support, as you feel too alone, too confused, to make the most sound and logical judgement.

Investing In a Consultancy Session Will:-

  • Give you time to stop and Breathe.
  • Accept the support you know you need to guide you in thinking more rationally and logically, moving the emotions to the side for the moment.?
  • Feel more grounded, more in control of your future, as you can now see a clearer pathway forward – at last.
  • Working with me, will have you feeling more confident and in control of your life, at long last.
  • Life is extremely stressful during separation, divorce or even a relationship breakup, yet we will talk openly and honestly, as you can’t with close friends.
  • I am not here to judge you, I’m here to support you in a safe and confidential environment, to guide you towards your best tomorrow.

How will you feel after our session?

Lighter, like the weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders, as you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner?

Clearer, able to think and see your life in a much more real state, not the story you were creating in your head, from the stress surrounding you.


What Your Investment Gives You

  • 1 x A pre-session questionnaire to be finalised by you prior to our session. so we don’t waste a minute of your precious time.
  • 1 x 60 Minute Session by Zoom.
  • 1 x 20 Minute follow up Session 2 weeks following our call.
  • Email Support between the Consultancy Session and our final Follow Up 2 weeks after our session.

During our consultancy session, we don’t waste a minute of our time, as I will know from your completed questionnaire exactly where you are in your relationship and where you want to be.

Once Off Consultancy Session