Megan’s previous book was designed to help those readying themselves for Divorce.  However, due to demand, Megan wrote this book to focus purely on the most important step in any relationship with a narcissist –

Preparing to Leave.’ 

Megan has included every inside tip and tool you will need, so you don’t screw up your future, as Megan nearly did, due to her ignorance at the time that her husband was a ‘Narcissist!.’

Megan was a successful, financially independent career woman, yet she was blindsided by her powerful husband’s devious behaviour when their marriage broke down.  She was taken advantage of, simply by being a loving, supporting and  trusting wife, and that’s WHY she wrote this book, so this does not happen to you! 

This is why this book is a MUST READ.


Jan - London

Jan – Retired Marketing Director

Knowing Megan is there, even on the other side of the world, has kept me focused on trying to get a fair divorce settlement. With Megan’s encouragement I have managed to find the strength to continue to fight

Diana - Chicago

Diana’s  – Medical Professional

Thanks to Megan’s expertise, I realize that I am a beautiful person and I deserve to be loved and treated with respect and a life full of happiness. I will forever be grateful to Megan. 

Mel - Sydney

Melanie     Company Director

This book is an outstanding read. I can’t thank Megan enough in her work as she has honestly helped us have our life back to a normal we never thought we could. 

Kim - Singapore

Kim  – Stockbroker

“Thanks to Megan’s book I was able to free myself from my engagement to my narcissist.  I was so lucky to have Megan in my corner.

Why I Wrote This Book?


  • To be your compass, to guide you through the darkness into the light.
  • To comfort you and support you when you feel you can’t continue.
  • To prepare you for your fure, as nobody can understand what you are and will experience unless they have lived it – as I have.

E-Book Available Now $19.95