Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists

Free Yourself From Narcissists:

A powerful pathway to heal, love and thrive following a relationship with a narcissist

Firstly, breathe…

Here, you’re in a safe place. You might be feeling a little shell-shocked now you’ve finally made the decision to leave a relationship that’s slowly chipping away at you. You may be feeling dumped and discarded at the moment. Even a little wrecked. You’ve been thinking there was something wrong with you, that you were going mad. In fact, you’ve been told you’re a crazy woman, right?

Please know, you’re not crazy.

You may have started to understand exactly what a narcissist is, you’ve done your research and you realise why you feel you had no control over finances, relationships with others, activities and life in general.

Secondly, give yourself credit for having made the step to begin a new pathway…

You knew life was never going to get better living out the same scenario every day.  What you’re about to embark on is the start of something wonderful.

Megan Holgate

The real key now is to ensure you take the time to heal, to understand what you have experienced as you begin to thrive.

If you don’t put the spotlight back on yourself, the problem is you can easily take on the beliefs you’ve been fed for so long now. You can spiral down into a place that’s not good for you or your children.

Sometimes we think we’re OK, but after a little exploration realise we’re still holding ourselves back from truly enjoying life because we’ve been led to believe we don’t deserve anything better.

You may also have fears around your financial situation, having had your partner controlling the money for so long. And the kids – how will they fare and what’s the best pathway forward for them?

I say all this, because I know. I’ve lived it. I was YOU!



I remember the moment sitting on a rock at the beach not being able to see any light. Life had gone from a fairytale to a nightmare from the moment I fell pregnant. I’d been discarded from a six-year marriage with an eight-week-old baby. I’d had to move countries overnight. I was not only now left without a husband, but also without a home and a career. I’d started to believe I was crazy. And looking down at my little girl, knowing I had to be responsible for raising this child alone scared me.

Over the coming months I would learn many lessons – often the hard way.

I learnt WHY you need to be better educated on narcissists and always a step ahead or you simply won’t ever be on a level playing field going into divorce.

Rebuilding yourself and your life to where it previously was might feel impossible. However, if you don’t put the spotlight back on yourself NOW, you may never return to your former self.  

You may be suffering from Narcissist Victim Syndrome, yet totally unaware as I was.  This was the cause of my lack of confidence to complete even the smallest of tasks.  You must learn from me and understand this NOW to ensure it does not hinder your future in any way.   When I fell victim to this, it affected my career, as I never put my hand up for promotions as I never felt good enough. Then, when the headhunter continually called for director-level roles, I always said I wasn’t capable, despite the fact I was.


This is why this program is essential to building the great life you deserve.

I recall a vivid moment where I knew if I was ever in a position to help others, I would. Now, my daughter is turning into a beautiful young woman, my Divorce Coaching business is thriving and it’s now time to help you tread a more easeful path to healing from a narcissist as I did.

That is why I created

Free Yourself From Narcissists

With this program, you will understand what you’re dealing with and what you have to do to make your life and children’s lives better. It will guide you to step out of the dark fog you’ve been trapped in and finally see your future clearly.

It will better prepare you to thrive financially, in your health, in your relationships and your wellness.

It provides you with the tools to create your best life, because it’s all about your future now.

You will accept and understand you can’t change who you were with or that you had children, but you can change your future as your destiny is in your hands.  

Here’s what you get:

  • A six-module program designed to free you from the chains that have held you back in life and lead you down a powerful pathway to heal, love and thrive.
  • Exercises that will expedite your healing journey and ensure you’re focusing on the right areas to create more joy, self worth and love.

In this program, you’ll learn the exact steps I took and use with my coaching clients to lead a thriving life.

Megan Holgate Module 1 of Free Yourself From Narcissists

During this module you’ll gain acceptance your ex is a narcissist and understand why and who exactly you are dealing with.

Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists

Been wondering why they selected you? During Module 2 you’ll understand the core issues as to why and how this switched from a fairytale to a nightmare.


Emotional Rebuilding is the focus of the next module as we look at the keys to recovery. You will shift from shame and self loathing to self love and self worth.

Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 4
Divorcing a Narcissist – Prepare for Armageddon, then everything is an upside!  Preparation is key to ensure you are prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 5

If you have children to factor in, Co-Parenting With A Narcissist is a module which provides essentials tools to guide you to retain control of your ex and not allow him to control you and your children.

Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 6

The final module allows you to step into your joyful future – the future you so rightly deserve. It also ensures you won’t repeat history by never attracting a narcissist into your life.


If you’re feeling alone in this process, I want you to know you’re not.

As part of the program, you gain bonus access to a secret Facebook Support Group where you’ll be surrounded and supported by myself and others who are exactly where you are. Your privacy is important to me, hence why this group is “secret”. This is your space to share and connect for a more easeful pathway to healing and thriving.

I’d love to help you on a powerful pathway to heal, love and thrive now you’ve moved out of your relationship with a narcissist.

It’s possible.

I’m living proof of that, living out my dream life today – and I want the same for you.


Get Ready To…

Cease living in your past, dreaming of what could have been. Now you will embrace each day and begin to plan your prosperous tomorrow.  

Understand with clarity why your journey has been so confusing and difficult, and feel calmer and back in control of your life – at last.

Begin to live an abundant, joyful life, free of pain – releasing the narcissist’s damaging effect from you and your children’s lives.


Free Yourself From Narcissists is a great value investment

  • 6 core nurturing modules – step-by-step PDFs and worksheets: $1200



Megan Holgate Free Yourself From NarcissistsMaybe you’re not at the point where you can afford a 1:1 coaching package, which starts at $200 for an initial session. This experience is your opportunity to discover what the steps are you need to take to thrive in life again like my coaching clients.

This course shares exactly what I did on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to move me out of the fog. It’s all laid out for you to gently guide you in the right direction with greater ease than you’ll experience trying to figure it all out yourself. You’ll feel supported. And you’ll access the entire six-step program at a cost of what one session would be.

You’ll also receive a backstage pass to mine and others’ stories – personal, heartfelt stories with lessons that will help guide your journey. It’s a raw look at what I went through and how you can avoid the same so you can get to where I am now more easefully and faster.

So, why should you be listening to me?

Megan-Holgate-CircleHi, I’m Megan. As a new mum, I didn’t expect to be staring at the ceiling of my own childhood bedroom, cradling my eight-week-old baby — my marriage and career in tatters. Yet that’s exactly where I found myself, at 29, indescribably crushed.

Before everything came tumbling down, I had been living a privileged expatriate life in Hong Kong. I was married to a successful investment banker and was excelling in my career in banking.  Like so many of these stories, it was a picture-perfect life, until it wasn’t …

Within 24 hours of discovering my husband had been living a double life, I was on a plane to my family in Australia. I was in shock. I literally ran away.

And while my husband went on to become the global CFO of a world-renowned bank, I lost much more than just my marriage.

So I know where you’ve been, I’ve felt the pain, I’ve faced the fog with no clue of how to move forward and I’ve been deep in the fear of wondering how on earth you can ever get back to a normal life.

Divorce with a narcissist is hell if we are not properly prepared.

But your life can truly turn around if you are.


Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists

Here’s what some of my clients had to say about their pathways:

Megan has been a tremendous support to me during a hugely stressful and uncertain time.  Having my world turned upside down, Megan has helped me find my inner strength, value my self-worth and take control of my life.

With an infant to care for and coming to the realisation that I was in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship, I am so grateful Megan came into my life and gave me the support I needed to get out of my situation and look forward to a better future for both me and my baby.

Megan helped me understand I was not crazy; I was in a relationship with a Narcissist.  When I relocated to my hometown of Perth and met with a therapist, who asked me ‘How did I find the courage to leave?’  My response was ‘It was Megan, my Coach.’  He explained that even though I am having to work through emotional issues, how fortunate I was to have understood who my partner was and to have found the courage to leave early in the marriage.  Some who are in relationships for many years, don’t ever psychologically recover.  I am one of the lucky ones, thanks to meeting Megan.



When I first rang Megan Holgate I was not only miserable, but I was profoundly stuck. Stuck in all areas of my life. Professionally, financially, relationship-wise, health, and business.

Up until that time I had been an extremely busy, respected and successful legal professional. Now, quite suddenly, I found myself at a major crossroads in my life. I felt totally overwhelmed and my problems insurmountable.

However, immediately upon talking to Megan l sensed her intelligence, empathy, enthusiasm, expertise and kindness. As a ‘professional people assessor’ my B.S. radar was on full alert for any plagiarised limp textbook advice. But I found the opposite. An empathetic, switched-on, intelligent and educated woman.

That was 6 months ago, and with Megan’s continual guidance, expertise, integrity, and pearls of wisdom, I feel like a different person. I know where I am headed and I feel good about it. I simply could not have come this far in such a short amount of time without Megan’s empathy, intellect, energy, humour, and advice.

In short, Megan is smart.  She has expertise and experience not only in human relationship meltdowns and tragedies, but business, finance, commodities, human resources, health, positive action, turmoil control, multinational enterprises, vocational guidance, advocacy and objectivity. She is a solid reliable anchor when the rest of your world feels totally out of control. I feel blessed to have found her and would highly recommend her services to my nearest and dearest as an essential element to caring for yourself.


Nicole – Newcastle HR Executive

Megan really understands the challenges and stress associated with being in a toxic relationship with a Narcissist.  Megan has clearly been there and thankfully we don’t have to go through this alone anymore. 

Megan’s program provides both practical and emotional support to get you through the dark times as she guides you to create your fresh new life as I did.


Megan’s course shocked me to the core, as it was as if Megan had stepped into my life, as she described everything to a tee on what I had and was experiencing.  The enormous amount of deceit and lying I had endured, was exactly as Megan explained.  I can see Megan has walked in my shoes which made me feel immediately better and less alone.  Megan’s program is powerful and inspiring, as it motivated me to continue to move forward in my new life, as far away from my ex-partner as I possibly can.

I am thankful I have had access to this invaluable course. 


So tell me, do you want the same ease, confidence, and joy these two have gained from working on building a better life?

The reality is, you can either continue trying to work it out alone and hoping for the best OR you can choose to follow a proven path that will provide a better life for you and your children. If you want something different to happen, if you want to finally thrive in life again, you’re going to have to create change. I’d love you to click the button below to Free Yourself From Narcissists and follow a powerful pathway to heal, love and thrive following a relationship with a narcissist.

Here’s what to do next:

  • Click the button below,

  • Fill out the Paypal order form
  • Open your email and look for one from Megan Holgate. Inside you’ll find the membership site, your login details and access to your new private Facebook community.

The pathway forward isn’t easy, but you’ve got to do it. The key is to prepare. Let’s start preparing together.

Right now, I know you’re feeling a sense of excitement, knowing what’s possible for you and your beautiful children.

But with what you’ve been through and your own understanding of the partner you’ve just spent many years married to, I also know there’s doubts and worries about whether this is really going to change your life. And I get it, I’ve been there.

So, to help you get more clarity, here’s who the ecourse is for and who it’s not for:

It’s for you if:

  • You know this has happened, and want to get through this to create the best future for you and your children – yet need some guidance.
  • You want to live a peaceful, successful life
  • You want your children to thrive and offer them every possibility life can offer them.
  • You’re ready to put in the work to create a better future for you and your children.

It’s not for you if:

  • You hope to reconcile with your ex-partner
  • You are a victim and happy to remain one
  • You don’t want to put in the work to set yourself up for a better future
  • You are looking for one-on-one support

Next, let me clear up some of those questions that are swirling around in your head

  • Why is it $200?

The cost of one coaching session with me is $200. However, not everyone is in a position to take up coaching right now. This is why I decided to equate the cost of one session for my entire process I take clients through to shift them towards a better future for themselves and their children.

  • How much time will the course take to complete?

Having been right where you are, I know how busy life is as you balance work, your children and the process of divorcing a narcissist. Therefore, I wanted to focus on providing a program that gives you exactly what you most need to move forward. The program includes six PDF modules, each of which takes time to read through and digest. You will then need to ensure you implement the actions that ensure you the greatest chance at success.

  • Do I need to be techy to do the course or have special systems on my computer?

Not at all. I’m not techy myself, so I get it! Once you click the “buy” button on this page, you’ll be redirected to Paypal. You can either login to an existing Paypal account or use your credit card to purchase. Once completed, you’ll be redirected to a thank you page where you’ll find the login details. Your membership page will include the six PDF documents, which you can simply click and have download directly to your computer. As long as you have a PDF reader, which most computers come with now, you’ll be able to open the document and start on your pathway to recovery.

  • Can you guarantee my life will be better after this course?

If you’re willing to put in the work, then your life will change. This is the program I wished I’d had access to when I was recovering from my ex. The degree to which your life will change is really up to you!

The pathway forward isn’t easy, but you’ve got to do it. The key is to prepare.

If you’re ready to free yourself from narcissists and start on a powerful pathway to heal, love and thrive following a relationship with a narcissist, this program is for you.

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