Why did I create this online course?

My narcissistic husband made me believe I was not enough.  Not clever enough, pretty enough, slim enough – not enough at anything.

This programme will take you through the method I used to transform my controlled, unhappy, emotionally abusive life, to one with infinite possibilities, full of love and a career I had dreamt of for far too long.

How will my online course help you?

My course will guide you to  heal from the trauma of a past relationship with a Narcissist. You will gain clarity on exactly HOW to make your life and children’s lives better.  This program guides you through the dark fog you have been trapped in, towards your brighter future.

My online course will:

  • Prepare you to thrive financially, in your health, in your relationships and your wellness.
  • Provide you with the tools to create your best life because it’s all about your future now.
  • Help you finally accept and understand you cannot change who your partner is, but you can change your future and your destiny, as it is in YOUR hands.

How is the online course structured?

  • Six in-depth modules that will guide you to healing and thriving.
  • Step by step workbook with tools to support you on focusing on your future.

Course content

Megan Holgate Module 1 of Free Yourself From Narcissists

During this module you’ll gain acceptance your ex is a narcissist and understand why and who exactly you are dealing with.

Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists

Been wondering why they selected you? During Module 2 you’ll understand the core issues as to why and how this switched from a fairytale to a nightmare.


Emotional Rebuilding is the focus here as we look at the keys to recovery. You will shift from shame and self loathing to self love and self worth.

Megan Holgate Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 4
Divorcing a Narcissist – Prepare for Armageddon, then everything is an upside!  Preparation is key to ensure you are prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 5

If you have children to factor in, Co-Parenting With A Narcissist is a module which provides essentials tools to guide you to retain control of your ex and not allow him to control you and your children.

Free Yourself From Narcissists Module 6

The final module allows you to step into your joyful future – the future you so rightly deserve. It also ensures you won’t repeat history by never attracting a narcissist into your life.

Read what some of my client’s have said about my course….

‘Megan came into my life when I needed her the most, when I needed guidance but didn’t know where to find it. Her course has made me feel cleansed and has freed me from my turmoil. My strength has grown, I believe I do matter and I am now comfortable within myself. As I did each Module, I got stronger and stronger. It reminded me to follow my beliefs, my values and who I wanted to be. I now have more clarity, I am powerful and I can now stand up and be true to myself. Megan’s course has been one of the best things I have done.  I am more confident and found, YES, life is joyful. I do matter and I can now follow my dreams.’

Name Withheld For Privacy

‘Megan’s course shocked me to the core, as it was as if Megan had stepped into my life, as she described everything to a tee on what I had and was experiencing. The enormous amount of deceit and lying I had endured, was exactly as Megan explained.  I can see Megan has walked in my shoes which made me feel immediately better and less alone.  Megan’s program is powerful and inspiring, as it motivated me to continue to move forward in my new life, as far away from my ex-partner as I possibly can.  I am thankful I have had access to this invaluable course.’

Grace, stay at home mum

‘Megan really understands the challenges and stress associated with being in a toxic relationship with a Narcissist.Megan has clearly been there and thankfully we don’t have to go through this alone anymore.  Megan’s program provides both practical and emotional support to get you through the dark times as she guides you to create your fresh new life as I did.’

Nicole – HR Executive, Newcastle