‘Marriages Come & Go

Divorce is Forever’

Nora Ephron

Are you a strong, successful woman, yet your Divorce has shattered you?

I am here to help you understand it’s BRAVE to ask for help.


I don’t want another woman to come out second best in her Divorce, impacting her future and the future of her children, because they navigated Divorce without asking for help. 

Divorce is a time of emotional and financially instability, don’t do this alone, as I did.

Divorce can reshape your life at times not in the best way, that is why being emotionally strong, calm and focused is essential to set up the future you so rightly deserve.

ASK for Help,


Risk Emerging from Divorce Second-Best

Are you exhausted by your Divorce? I know how that feels. As your Coach I will:-

  • Help you to lessen the amount of time you spend reminiscing over your past, unable to fathom your marriage is over.
  • Comfort you as you grieve the relationship, the loss of your partner, your marriage and the dreams you shared for your future.
  • Guide you towards becoming unstuck, unable to think past today, tomorrow feels a lifetime away.
  • Support you as you wrestle with a mountain of self-doubt, regardless of your history of being a high-achiever who has previously been in control.
  • Offer unbiased, non-judgemental advice from someone who has risen from this and helped many other women like you rise from this too!

Divorce is not the end of your life

Every Ending Creates A New Beginning

Divorce Can Be A Gift

Your life will not change overnight. However, working as a team, you will Create The Life You Truly Deserve

Only you have the ability to control your future


What You Want To Achieve

This package includes:-

  •  1 x 2 Hour Breakthrough Session to understand where you are in your life and where you want to be.
  • 12 x 1 Hour Personal Coaching Sessions – Skype or In Person
  •   1 x 1 Hour Assertive Communication Workshop.
  •   1 x 1 Hour Relaxation & Destress Workshop.
  •   1 x 1 Hour Essential Legal Checklist.
  •   1 x 1 Tom Cronin from The Stillness Project Meditation Book & logiin access to a meditation series.
  •   1 x 1 Journal to record your progress of your new life as you begin to create it.
  • Unlimited email access during our Coaching Series

Coaching Will Guide You Towards

Creating Your Extraordinary Life


That You Created

If you’re unsure how I can help you, but would love a chat, please get in touch. You can take advantage of my FREE 20 minute Session, where we will discuss your fears, your dreams, your goals – it’s all about you.  Following this discussion, if you feel we are a great fit, I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete so I can confirm the best way to help you.

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