Coaching Services

FREE Discovery Call

Taking the first step to reclaim your life is not easy, but is it is extremely sensible.I can help guide you through this difficult time with structure, goals and with me right behind you every step of the way.

A FREE 15 minute call to answer any any queries you may have and to see how I can help you further through my formal coaching service.

Narcissistic & Divorce Recovery Coaching

I will support and guide you to:

  • Prepare for divorce and/or
  • Recover from divorcinga narcissist.

Through my coaching you will begin to feel:

  • Calmer, with my support to nurture your journey.
  • Confident knowing I have walked your path and emerged into a brighter future.
  • Nurtured and protected.
  • Less afraid of the unknown ahead.
  • Motivated & inspired to create a better tomorrow for you and your family.