Coaching Services

Emergency Support

You are on the verge of leaving or have left Your Narcissistic Parnter


Your Ex is Making Your Life Hell

Let Me Be Your Hidden Weapon

For Your First Month

To Ensure You DON’T

Make Any of the Million Mistakes I Did!

‘Megan saved my life – nothing more to say.’  – Julie Melbourne.

Narcissistic Strategy Session

Your Partner is a Narcissist & You are Scared of Taking Any Wrong Steps In Separating. 

Let Me Guide You in Taking the Right Steps

To Create The Future You Deserve.


‘Megan’s  wisdom and guidance are the tools you need to Expedite you through this extremely emotional time to ensure you chieve the results you deserve.‘ – Olivia – London.

Narcissistic Support Coaching


I Know How Scary Divorcing a Narcissist Can feel?

Having Me By Your Side You Will Soon Feel

Confident, Calmer and Less Afraid of the Unknown Path Ahead. 

If You Want Powerful Changes In Your Life  – Reach Out Today.

Is Your Husband GAY?


The Pain You Are Feeling, I Would Not Wish On My Worst Enemy.

I’m here To Guide You As I Did,

To Emerge Eventually From Your Cocoon Of Pain,

To Create Your New Life.