Megan started her career in the financial markets as a Foreign Exchange & Money Market Trader working for a Japanese Bank in Sydney and London.  She was head hunted in London, by a Global Information Provider, where she continued to work within the financial markets in London, Hong Kong & Sydney for 25 years.

It was during a sabbatical in 2014 when Megan was supporting her teenage daughter through a major health crisis and on the other side of divorce, when she had the chance to reflect and recognised her free mentoring to friends and colleagues is what she wanted to do full-time.  She understood how a coach would have helped her immensely, separate from friends, family, lawyers and courts. Megan knew this was her future and subsequently established her Divorce Coaching business.

Megan’s clients in her corporate career were Banks, Investment Banks, Banks, Hedge Funds, Global Corporations, to name a few, all who demanded nothing less than perfection, as any error can cost millions if not billions in lost revenue.  This level of excellence, Megan has transferred to her business, in her delivery to her clients where she thrives in transforming their personal lives.

Megan’s desire is that her clients emerge on the other side of Divorce and Relationship Breakdowns, ‘without regret.’  In the US and the UK, a Divorce Coach is a necessary tool, for a successful outcome, as imperative as a Divorce Lawyer.  Megan manages, mentors and motivates her clients, while ensuring they keep calm and focused while making important life-changing decisions. Her goal is to minimise her clients emotional and financial loss as much as possible.

Megan continually persevered through her life, and it’s her tenacity to keep moving forward, to never give up, to keep working towards a better tomorrow, are the key factors Megan demonstrates when working with her clients.

Megan has also written a book based on her life which she hopes her Publisher approves for 2019 release, which highlights her experience with coping and subsequent recovery from a Relationship with a Narcissist.  In addition, Megan has completed and published her book ‘How To Divorce a Narcissist and NOT Get Screwed, By One Who Did!.’ This book has helped many women globally so far, and she has two more in the pipeline.

If you are floundering in your life or relationship and need some guidance, Megan is the key to help you on your pathway to living the best life you can.

Megan is a contributor to Thrive Global.  She write for Ms Laura Wasser – top US Divorce Attorney to Kim Kardashian.  She is the Divorce Influencer on the Website Mrs V. Blog, and has appeared in ELLE Australia, Business Chicks, LATTE Magazine, MiNDFOOD, and Mamamia.

Megan lives in Sydney.