A little bit about me….

Before everything came tumbling down, I had been living a privileged expatriate life in Hong Kong.  Married to a successful investment banker and was excelling in my career in Banking.  Like so many of these stories, it was a picture-perfect life, until it wasn’t …

I had simply fallen in love, followed the man of my dreams to London from Sydney, where both of our careers in the financial markets flourished.  Life truly was golden. Fast forward a few years, and as a new mum, I didn’t expect to be sitting on the Qantas plane alone, cradling my eight-week-old baby — my marriage and career in tatters. Yet that’s exactly where I found myself, at 29, indescribably crushed.

My husband went on to become the global CFO of a world-renowned bank.  Whilst I lost much more than just my marriage.  My years of hard work, early morning starts working in The City of London rewarded my husband, as our joint money disappeared to what I discovered many years later – to his Swiss Bank Account.  I was left a single parent to raise our child and to return to a mediocre career, which was fully my choice, as I decided our daughter deserved to have one parent semi-present in her life, which caused me to scale back my career.   My daughter’s and my life was made much more difficult than it should have been, if I had received a fair and equitable settlement.

For this injustice, many years later when I stepped off the corporate treadmill, whilst supporting my only daughter’s health crisis, I realised it was time to begin my narcissistic consulting business, with the common goal of saving as many as I can from the unnecessary trauma, pain and most importantly the sub-optimal outcome that I received in my divorce.

Its immaterial if you are experiencing an issue with a narcissist at work, in a relationship or in a divorce with one.  The commonality is – the narcissist, which you must be educated and understand what and who you are dealing with. For this reason, I know I will guide you to ensure your best outcome possible.  I will deliver the results you deserve.


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