Divorce Turned My Life Upside Down

I Learned To Survive

From there I begun to Thrive

Now it’s My Mission

To Help You Flourish Too


When It Happened To Me, I Was Sideswiped

As a new mum, I didn’t expect to be staring at the ceiling of my own childhood bedroom, cradling my eight-week old baby — my marriage and career in tatters. Yet that’s exactly where I found myself, at 29, indescribably crushed.

Before everything came tumbling down, I had been living a priviledged expatriate life in Hong Kong.  Married to a successful investment banker and was excelling in my career in banking.  Like so many of these stories, it was a picture-perfect life, until it wasn’t …

Within 24 hours of discovering that my husband had been living a double life, I was on a plane to my family in Australia. I was in shock. I literally ran away.

And while my husband went on to become the global CFO of a world-renowned bank, I lost much more than just my marriage.

Divorce can be painful if we are not properly prepared.

Perhaps we find ourselves not just suddenly single, but suddenly single parents. We’re contending not only with the practical and financial aspects of raising children, but with our children’s emotional response to their parents’ split.

Or perhaps our careers take a battering, and along with that our financial stability.

We can be forced to move house, we can lose friends, and all the while our responsibilities skyrocket … just as we’re feeling our most defeated and fragile and lost.

Then it happens …

Maybe it starts small or perhaps something triggers it and it storms in … but, from somewhere, we begin to dredge courage. We grasp hold of a primal survival instinct and drag ourselves not just to the surface where we can breathe again, but right through it, bursting into the sunlight.

I am a formidably, stronger woman because of what I went through. My life morphed over time from being unrecognisable, to being unrecognisably great.

Even if, right now, you’re just trying to make it through the next hour without crying, know that you can be stronger when you’re through all of this, too.

Just for a minute, imagine a different future…

A future placed much more firmly in your own hands.

Imagine growing into the woman you don’t even realise yet that you can become.

Imagine Becoming The Powerful Woman You Always Wanted To Be?

Imagine a version of yourself that is more powerful and successful than you’ve ever been before. Imagine all of this happening because, right when you needed to believe it most, you decided these dark days would not define you. You chose instead to be defined by what you did next.

I Was Determined To Transform My Life
Nothing was going to prevent me from achieving my goals

I needed to accept this was My Life.
How my future looked and felt, was all in my hands!
I needed to find the Strong & Successful Woman,

I Once Was & Always Wanted to Be.

I needed to become The Mother My Daughter Deserved.

Winston Churchill’s famous quote of,

“Never, Never, Never, Give Up”

Helped me through many dark days.

My Life Began To Improve

I was headhunted for my dream corporate role, where I regained my confidence, self-esteem and most importantly my financial independence.

I wrote a book, which is my second-biggest accomplishment next to raising my daughter. (Stay tuned for more information!)

I continued to mentor women going through divorce, which led me to my purpose and passion in life, which is what brings us here now together, on this page.

During my Divorce journey I experienced

Career realignment: Becoming a single parent, with my ex-husband based overseas, I lowered my career expectations to align my career with the parent I wanted to be. The lesser salary was a shock and a confidence killer.  However, I have no regrets as we only have one chance at parenthood.

Expatriate Life: Acclimitising to a new country, a new career role, or a new life, can at times create a wave of fear within us.  Let me help you embrace your expatriate life to the fullest.  I can help embrace change, meeting new people and experiences, stepping up and out of your comfort zone, as this is the essential ingredient in transforming  your fear into an exhilarating life.  Go for it!

Redundancy:  Redundancy can create financial and emotional stress, and when a sole parent this is felt more-so.  Learning to transform a negative into a positive by using this time to reflect, might be the impetus you need for an overdue career change?  My advice is to embrace change, as this is what keeps life exciting!

Grief: Grief can be attributed to the death of our loved ones, loss of friends, career, or simply life, as we know it.   Grief and loss can at times cripple us to the point where it feels it has overtaken our life. I have experienced many incidents of grief and I am here to help you with coping strategies to guide you through these difficult times.

I have learned first-hand how short life can be. It’s far too precious to waste being dragged into a quagmire of negative emotions from the past.

Your extraordinary life is just over this hurdle, and I can help you find the way through to it. I’ll guide you through your options as you shape a new, confident future. Together, we’ll articulate new goals and carve exciting plans, and we’ll organise things so you can clearly see the steps you need to take.

This life story you’re writing isn’t anywhere near finished.

There is a fresh chapter just over the page.

Expansive, white space waiting for you to unfold what happens next.


I Am Here to Guide You

I have learned first-hand how short our precious life can be, that’s why I am here to help you to begin Living Your Extraordinary Life.

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