A little bit about me….

My life had been pretty easy. Growing up in a beachside suburb of Sydney, attending an all-girls private school, life was fun, bright and easy.

Falling in love, and moving to London with my husband, where both of our careers in Banking, life truly was golden. Fast forward a few years, and as a new mum, I didn’t expect to be sitting on the Qantas plane alone,  cradling my eight-week old baby — my marriage and career in tatters. Yet that’s exactly where I found myself, at 29, indescribably crushed.

Before everything came tumbling down, I had been living a priviledged expatriate life in Hong Kong.  Married to a successful investment banker and was excelling in my career in Banking.  Like so many of these stories, it was a picture-perfect life, until it wasn’t …

My husband went on to become the global CFO of a world-renowned bank, I lost much more than just my marriage.

After 25 years in the the financial markets, and the experiences I went through, I never wanted another woman to experience the trauma, the pain, the sub-optimal outcome that I did.  I took this experience coupled with my personal learning’s, to create my Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Business.  I understand every step of this process, and through my coaching I will help deliver the results you deserve.


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