Self-Belief Will Change Your Life!

Tina Turned 80 last month – November, 2019.  43 years ago, her life could have gone in another direction.  After receiving another beating at the hands of her husband Ike Turner, Tina was done.  She found the courage to leave her abusive, controlling and narcissistic husband Ike Turner.  She was battered, had only 36 cents to her name, yet she knew she deserved more.  Her deep self-belief led her to know that anything was better than how her life was.

Do you know what that feels like? 

I know how that feels.  One New Year’s Eve, following my divorce, I spent the night very happily, reading Tina Turner’s first book ‘I Tina.’  and that night my life changed.  I realised I still had the voice of my ex-husband in my head telling me I was ‘not good enough,’ and I was believing him.

I could now see clearly, that I was dating a man that was not good enough for me, and more importantly I was in a corporate job that was setting my career in a backwards trajectory.   I decided then and there to dump my boyfriend who was not ready for a commitment, that I knew I deserved.  If he didn’t want to commit to me, then I was not wasting any more time as I knew I deserved better.  I also said YES to the head hunter who had been chasing me for months and walked into a job where firstly my pay doubled overnight, and where I was appreciated and felt valued.  I had nearly forgotten what that felt like, as I had lost my voice in my previous role, as I was continually shut down when attempting to offer my opinion, one that was not wanted nor valued.  Now I felt alive as I began to thrive in every way.

So how did I make these changes happen seemingly overnight?

My self-belief.

Every decision you and I make are in accordance with our self-belief.  I could have remained in the corporate job, which on paper to the outside world looked great.  However, the reality was I was working for a narcissistic asshole of a boss, not using any of my skills.    Instead, I chose to take a leap of faith and say YES to the role that was being offered to me, which meant overcoming my fear of not feeling good enough.  Deep down I knew I could do it, so I took the gamble and embraced the role with everything I had.  I not only succeeded within the role, I soared to heights I never imagined.

At times when I felt swamped or daunted at what was ahead, I would think back to Tina Tuners book.  I would think how petrified she must have felt walking away from an abusive partner, yet she simply believed she was better – better than the existence of what her life was at the time.

We all have to reach a point in our life when we are DONE.  You don’t have to be a battered wife, or in an abusive relationship.  It can be living a life where you know you deserve more.

You could be completely over: –

  • The repetitive negative response your partner responds every time you mention wanting to do something different, something bigger in life, they find a way of making your idea out to be crazy?
  • The feeling that Sunday afternoon feels like.  The dread begins to overcome you, as the weekend fades, as you know tomorrow you will have to face your narcissistic boss?
  • Knowing you are only existing in your relationship that is making you miserable, but you are too scared to break up the family?
  • Waking fearful of the actions your partner will threaten you with today?
  • Listening to the lies your partner promises you, over the months and years which you know they will never deliver?
  • Accepting the bullshit, you put up with work from your boss who does not appreciate your hard work, or does appreciate it but takes all your best ideas?

Start Believing You Deserve Better! 

Don’t wait for 2020 to begin to make changes.   Your time on earth can be short, don’t live your life at 50%.  Make today the last day of your half-life and start planning on how you can and will live your best life.

If you know you need some guidance or help with staying accountable to start truly living, click here to contact me today, as 2020 is only 22 days away, so let’s not waste any more time.

Megs xxx

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