Could My Girlfriend or Wife Be A Narcissist?

I understand many of you, like me, were done over by our narcissistic partners BIG TIME!  I can hear you probably thinking ‘Good for her.’  Please don’t ever think that –  Female narcissists wield as much if not more venom and pain on their victim than one could fathom. 

Common patterns of female narcissists are: –

  • They lie pathologically. Not just little white lies, they lie about everything and when you see it you really see it! 
  • have Jekyll & Hyde personality. They are all sunny and bright in public and cold as ice in private with you.
  • Use SEX as a weapon. They are extremely beautiful and sex is the weapon they use to get anything they want.
  • Miraculously fall pregnant. Most in the very early stages of a relationship, when they state emphatically they were on protection, instead they are found out to have been on IVF.
  • Have a partner for a specific need.  i.e. Money more than often, or to be part of a power couple, or to be looked after financially as they suddenly lose their jobs and never return.
  • Sexually Promiscuous. Female narcissists sleep with anybody, IF they can gain something from this association.  When a better partner comes along, she will discard her partner and children without a blink for the better prospect.

Do the above points resonate with you?

I hope my small Blog has reassured you that you are NOT going crazy, you are simply in a relationship with a narcissist.  The men I spoke to this week all said the same thing.   ‘There needs to be more written about this, as they feel so ashamed that they have been taken for a ride.’

Shame is the common thought pattern between both female and males that have been tormented by a narcissist.  I hope my books reassure you, that there is nothing to be ashamed of.  My new book to be released later in July ‘YES Your Girlfriend is a Narcissist – What you must know so you don’t get F. CKED OVER,’  will help many more experiencing this. 

Please reach out to me at any time if you need further guidance 

In the meantime, click here to contact me at any time on how I can help you in any way.

Megs xxx

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