Controlling Your Finances Is The PASSPORT To Your Future


In my book ‘How to Divorce a Narcissist and NOT Get Screwed – By One Who Did,’  I outline the necessary steps to follow before leaving a relationship.

I speak each day to many women, who are in the same predicament, as I was too – financially powerless, controlled by our narcissistic partners.  We may earn high salaries as I did, I was earning $300,000 at 28, yet that was irrelevant.  It didn’t matter if I was earning $5 a year, what did matter was I had NO POWER over how and where we invested this money.


I naively, innocently and too trusting, handed over my power to my ex-husband to look after our finances.  He was the Chief Financial Officer for one of the world’s largest Investment Banks.  I too was working in the financial markets of London and Hong Kong during our marriage, but I believed, that he would and could do a better job.   He did – sadly for himself.

When our marriage broke down, leaving me with our 8-week old daughter to raise, I realised sitting in my lawyer’s office how bloody stupid I had been.  Understanding my husband had safely tucked away in off-shore bank accounts, a huge amount of my hard earned money, made me understand how bloody naïve I had been. That is when I made a pact that I would do everything to help others NOT to experience what I was.

Following the release and success of my book – How To Divorce a Narcissist and NOT Get Screwed – By One Who Did.’  I now know, it’s simply not enough to give you steps to plan how you leave your relationship, but what is even more important, is how you create your financially abundant future once you are FREE.  I understand many women have not been educated in looking after finances, and now its absolutely 150% imperative that you do understand this as it’s your future and your children’s future in your hands.

In my next book: –

‘How NOT

To Get F.CKED Over Financially


To Create Your


I outline meticulously, the steps you MUST follow before leaving your narcissistic partner, regardless if you are married or not and then how to create your best life.  What is important IF you have any financial dealings together, to follow my instructions to ensure you do not jeopardise your financial future.

Too often, I meet with men and women who have left a narcissistic partner, believing everything their partner tells them, only to have to deal with a financial nuclear mess when they discover some of the despicable and cunning actions that narcissist can and will do, to destroy your future in any way they can.

In my book ‘How to Divorce a Narcissist and NOT Get Screwed – By One Who Did,’ it doesn’t matter if you are married or not, as the steps are exactly the same.  I would advise anybody who feels they ‘might’ be in a relationship with a narcissist to read this, as being prepared is an entirely different feeling to be reflecting in hindsight when things go wrong, as they more than often do when in a relationship with a narcissist.

I am so proud of so many who have read my book and taken the information seriously, and one reader pops to mind.  She was desperate to leave her husband, yet everything was in her husband’s name and she received a small allowance each week.  She was petrified of being left destitute.  She followed my instructions in the book, copied all their financial details, which took her many months, then sought advice from a great lawyer and now she is FREE.

Her divorce will take some time, yet the important point is she left her controlling, abusive husband and now lives in peace with her children where she is getting her life and her finances back on track.  She was astounded at how much her husband actually earned in their business, but lied to her, to control her by living a life of financial scarcity.  Not anymore.

It’s women like this that spur me on to keep writing more and more books, so you don’t suffer any of the emotional or financial F.CK UPS that I did.

The important point I outline in my book is to prepare, prepare and prepare some more BEFORE you leave the narcissist.  I’m not being a scare monger when I say that ‘Your Entire future depends on these actions.’  You are setting up your entire future, so please make sure you read my book from one who had to learn the very hard way.

I will let you know the minute my next book has hit the shelves.  In the meantime, click here to contact me at any time on how I can help you in any way.

Megs xxx

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