Are You Done With Narcissists?

I am writing this blog, as I have been contacted by too many amazing humans who are being destroyed by your narcissistic partners.

You don’t mean this to happen, it’s simply what eventuates when you fall in love with a narcissist.  The tailspin this sends the sanest, logical and practical human, can and does have us questioning our sanity.  The Narcissists end goal is to make YOU think you are crazy.  You and I know you are perfectly sane, yet at times you do feel you could be losing your mind and can make you acutely physically ill.

Do you know why?

Because you are in a relationship with a narcissist and their cunning, devious and deranged behavior has you thinking like this.

I’m sure their continual devaluing of you, as the narcissist repeatedly tells you: –

  • Nobody will ever love me
  • I will never find anybody to have a child with
  • I will never be loved like this again
  • My life is over
  • I can’t go on; the pain is too much.

You need to Understand your thinking is not logical

I know this as I have been you.  I believed the words, and that’s all they are words.  Words to destroy us, as that is their goal.  Their words are delivered with so much conviction, we would never, ever think to question what they are telling us is not true.

You have to forget whatever they told you.

What you must believe is: –

  • You will find somebody to love you in the real sense. With honesty, integrity and no sign of subterfuge.
  • I can’t guarantee you will have a child, but what I can guarantee is, you won’t be abandoned, as your partner will NOT be a narcissist.
  • When we think of being loved by a narcissist, we think back to the “love bombing phase.’ Nothing can compare to that. Instead think of the worst devaluing experience and focus on that – as that is what your partner is really like, that is their true self.
  • Your life is far from over. If anything your life is now beginning, as you are FREE.  Please never forget this important point.
  • You can and must go on – otherwise the narcissist has won.

What you need to do, is to find a tiny semblance of your strength you have, and draw on this to continue to walk as far away from your narcissistic partner as you can.  You will eventually, begin to see the light return to your life, just as the picture above displays.  If you feel my words have resonated with you and you need further guidance, please reach out to me at any time.  Please do not suffer in silence.

Have a beautiful week, and please understand you are perfect exactly as you are.


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Have a beautiful week

Megs xxx

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