Recovering From a Relationship with a Narcissist

Begins With Healing

Many of you have been unaware of the damage that was inflicted psychologically whilst in your relationship – or worse, a marriage – with a Narcissist.   It may have taken you a long time to comprehend the changes that have occurred in your life, that began slowly and so very silently.

What is important, is arriving at this point in your life, where you now can acknowledge the changes, that have not been positive.  You may have lost sight of who you were during your relationship, which is a common occurrence.  It doesn’t matter what or how you are feeling, you are here and this is where you need to be to FREE yourself from the Narcissist.

There were key steps I took to reclaim my life following my battle (which is the only way I can describe my divorce from my husband), which I focus on in my premium program FREE Yourself From a Narcissist.

Reclaiming your life can be difficult following a relationship with a Narcissist.  But it can be made easier when you have a proven path laid before you. It’s now time to concentrate solely on YOU as you begin to create your best life possible.

Here is how I worked through the many layers of confusions and hurt, which form part of the Free Yourself From The Narcissist program.

When you follow these steps you will begin to release any residual pain and suffering, as you move forward to reclaim your wonderful most powerful life. 

The steps will help you: –

  1. Understand WHY you partnered with a Narcissist.
  2. Heal by love.
  3. Reclaiming Your Greatness.
  4. Forgiveness.
  5. Creating Your Most Powerful Abundant Future.


  1. Understanding WHY you Partnered with a Narcissist.

There is a fundamental common thread between each and every person that has partnered with a Narcissist, even though we may be unaware of this.   It is a feeling that we may not feel ‘Good Enough.’  Deep within ourselves we have a belief that we could be better, we can do better, and if we achieve what we are trying so hard to attain, then we will be loveable?  This thinking could be the result of parenting from a Narcissist, where we are never enough.

We are never thin enough, clever enough, pretty enough, simply enough.  No matter how hard we try to make our narcissistic parent happy, to receive the love we crave, we never can.

Or – you could have a belief that you are simply not enough, regardless if you came from a beautiful, loving family, the feeling and thoughts are there.  My program will help you identify these thought patterns, so you can work on changing any negative beliefs, as you transform into the best version of YOU possible.  As confidence and self-love are the best deterrents for a narcissist.

  1. Heal Our Pain with Love.

A fundamental logical equation is learning to heal by loving ourselves. We all know when the relationship with a narcissist ends, we are full of shame and self-hate and extreme loathing.  This is where the automatic response is to retreat in isolation, which allows our minds to overflow with negative thoughts.

This is the opposite to what we should be doing.  We should be wrapping ourselves in love, with soft blankets, warm tea, long baths, and walks in natures, to fill up our empty depleted souls.  Learning to truly heal through love, is the most imperative step of recovery, which I go into detail in my program.


  1. Reclaim Your Greatness.

Reclaiming our powerful selves is the foundation to create our best lives.  When we have time to stop and reflect back to a time when you were your most powerful.  When you remember that exact moment, how did it feel?  How did you look?  What were you wearing?   Now compare that time to how you feel now?  Are you as powerful?  If not what is missing?  What do you want today that you had at that specific time?

During my guiding program we will begin a journey as you begin to reclaim your greatness and exceed any expectations that you can ever imagine your life to be.


  1. Forgiveness.

The thought of forgiving your narcissistic partner, may be too difficult to comprehend – at first!

Not everyone has to forgive their partners, for what they have done.  I can understand for some that this would be too much of an ask.

For me it was a must, I had to do this, to release the hate from my body.  I knew it in my head, yet believing it was possible was another thing. However, reading the Great Desmond Tutu’s book on forgiveness reformed my thinking as I understood the benefits to forgiveness.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated:-

‘Without forgiveness, we remain tethered to the person who harmed us.

We are bound with chains of bitterness, tied together trapped.

Until we can forgive the person who harmed us, that person will hold the keys to our happiness;

that person will be our jailor.’

If it’s too difficult to forgive, be thankful that through your narcissistic partner, you were granted your beautiful children, who you are here to parent in your best way possible.


  1. Creating Your Most Powerful & Abundant Future.

As Arianna Huffington eloquently tells us:-

‘But you have to do what you DREAM of doing even while you are afraid.’

I love this statement, and I felt this summed up how many of us felt (or still feel) when we are out the other side of a relationship with a narcissist.  We are yearning for more, more of everything, and now we are no longer constrained by the negative confines of our ex-partner.

You are now FREE to do whatever you want.  Don’t hold back from anything.  If you need to remain in a role or business that is not as rewarding as you want, yet financially is essential, that’s ok.  However, start your new idea, new business or new study course on the side.  Don’t wait for the right time or when you have enough money.  Just do it in addition to everything else, and as time goes by, as you build up your idea or business, then you can step into your new idea or business when its financially viable full time.  Start in tiny bite size steps, as life can be terribly short.

If you want more guidance as you move through these steps, ensure you join us in the Free Yourself From The Narcissist program.  It will begin a transformational journey towards reclaiming your power.  Importantly, this nurturing, loving and kind program will give you the tools to ensure your future is free from ever repeating this pattern.

The FREE yourself from the Narcissist Program consists of 6 detailed in-depth modules, containing expert advice from world experts in their fields, in addition to my first-hand experience of my journey. where this programme originated.

May your week be filled with magic.






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