Narcissistic Final Discard


You are officially out of date, quicker than today’s newspaper!

Once your relationship with a narcissist approaches its use-by-date, you have officially reached Stage 3 – ‘The Discard stage All I can say is get ready, as its swiftness is only exceeded by its cruelty.

Reaching this stage, you are now officially ‘Yesterday’s News.’  Out of date quicker than today’s newspaper, and discarded quicker than you can blink. It’s irrelevant how long you have been together, or if you have 6 children?  When your narcissistic partner is done with you, they are done, believe me as I have experienced this with its cyclonic ferocity.

The Discard Stage is Stage Three in the Four Stages of a Relationship with a Narcissist and what I help you move through in my Free Yourself From Narcissists program.

The 4 Stages of a Narcissistic Relationship are as follows: –


Stage No. 1 – The Love Bombing Phase

Are you in the throes of love – Stage 1 – ‘The Love-Bombing Phase.’  Where life is simply magical.  Your relationship established quicker than ever before, but you are enjoying the experience, so far.   You are probably thinking ‘My Partner is too good to be true.’  The adoration from your partner, you have never encountered before, as you think ‘Why not, lets enjoy this?’ You are both in perfect synergy, existing in a cocoon so perfect, you are absolutely convinced he or she is the one, as you have let down your normal boundaries as this guy/girl adores you!

‘Are you hearing me so far?’  Or have you moved on to the next stage.


Stage No. 2 – The Devalue Stage

This is when your partner has begun critiquing  different parts of your life.  Their criticisms have begun to diminish your confidence, your self-esteem, your sense of you.  Then things start to change, very slowly and subtly.  They make it abundantly clear they don’t like your family or your closest friends, the ones they know have your best interest at heart.  They make life so uncomfortable when you are out with your friends, to the point they are so rude, that the only way to keep the peace is not to socialise with your friends any more.  Your friends that have been in your life forever.

They will increase their criticisms of you and begin to pick apart your personal appearance.  It doesn’t matter if you are a supermodel, they will still do this.  They will begin with subtle criticisms of your hair style, your make-up or clothes, whatever they don’t like they will insist you modify it, particularly if you are a woman and wearing something revealing, or sexy. Again, you acquiesce and adapt your appearance to once again keep your partner  happy, anything for a peaceful life.

This may be (if you are lucky) where you start to see cracks in what you assumed was the perfect partner and begin questioning him.  You are beginning to feel hemmed in, controlled, and you suspect he is lying to you.  Things just don’t seem to add up?

Men & Women, believe your intuition, if you even suspect your partner is lying, or being dishonest, because he or she is.   If you dare confront a narcissist accusing them of lying or being dishonest, be prepared for the onslaught?

If you are not married by this stage, get your Nike runners on and run, run, run, away from this Narcissist as quickly as you possibly can.

Why do they do this?


This is a strategy with their outcome is to erode all of your confidence, to have you succumb to their demands.   The big question is why do you succumb to this?   You know why, you want to keep your relationship together as you can’t think of a life without your partner in it?

‘Sounding familiar?’

You may not understand this while experiencing this onslaught, but if you take the time to try and step to the outside of your relationship and look inwards, maybe you will be able to see this patterning?

Note…Narcissists are pathological liars, who make you feel you are at times going crazy.  You are not crazy, insecure or delusional, simply you are in a relationship with a narcissist. 


Stage No. 3 – The Discard Stage

If sadly you have arrived at Stage 3 – ‘The Discard Stage.’   Life will get better I promise you.  This phase is the end of your relationship, that for many they didn’t see this day arriving.

The narcissist has ended your relationship or marriage so swiftly you haven’t been able to catch your breath to work out what went wrong?  I can help you with that question.  What has happened is that you have satisfied the need that the Narcissist was receiving from you and your relationship.  They have satiated their desire, now they are moving on or have moved on, as narcissists move on extremely quickly to their next victim.

You have been officially DISCARDED!

My most valuable piece of advice during this traumatic time is to reach out for professional help.  Whether you reach out to me or a therapist do this, as you are experiencing such an acute traumatic time, but one that you may not be able to comprehend in your current state.

In addition your friends and family will of course try and be there to help, but they will not be able to sufficiently help you, as nobody can understand the wrath of being in a relationship with a narcissist, if you have not personally experienced this.

Please reach out so you can begin to recover and work through stage 4.  Many ex-partners of narcissists, can remain caught in this limbo land.  The main problem with this is, that the  narcissist has moved on and living a great life.  So please move through to stage four, so you don’t waste a minute of your wonderful future.


Stage No. 4 

Recovery From The Narcissistic Relationship

Stage 4 – ‘Recovery from your Narcissistic Relationship.’   Your life will begin to improve now the Narcissist is out of your life.  Your life will become Life feels calmer, smoother, less stressful.  If you’re now on the other side of a relationship with a narcissist, I hope you to start looking after you, as I’m sure all your energy before was to support your ex, now it’s all about you!

This is where I create my magic, guiding you in creating a series of goals and a solid action plan, to help you to emerge out of this big, black hole, to move forward towards your bright future.  Believe me when I tell you this, as I have been you.  I have been in the darkest of dark places, and emerged out the other side, after a long process, and my life now is a life I had only dreamt of. Through my program Free Yourself From Narcissists, we can work through this together.

Please ensure you download my FREE 5 Day Guide to Begin Recovery from a Narcissist today.

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