Divorcing a Narcissist?

You MUST Understand

Who They Truly Are


Your Life Can & Will Explode & Implode!


I have walked this pathway, I have been you.

I am as far from a negative person, as is humanly possible.   However, I am a realist.  One who has divorced a Narcissist, where I was totally caught unaware of who my husband was.  The nightmare which was ‘My Divorce,’  is the reason I became a Divorce & Narcissistic Recovery Coach, to expedite you through this minefield with as little collateral damage as is humanly possible.

I have created a 6 Module online ‘FREE Yourself from The Narcissist Program.  One of the most essential modules is ‘Preparing when Divorcing a Narcissist’ where you will understand how to remain a step ahead of your narcissistic partner.

I have witnessed both men and women have their lives ruined.  These innocents, as I was, unaware of who their partners truly were.  They too like me, were trusting, honest and faithful, and expected their partner to be the same.  Sadly, with a Narcissist this is impossible.  I have seen families destroyed, men and women lose custody of their children, and some lose all their assets.

How, can this happen?

Being caught unaware by the Narcissist’s venomous lies and acts of cruelty.   The narcissists are charming, extremely manipulative, and devious, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.   Their actions can and will have you questioning if they are truly human.  Sadly they are, yet they are devoid of any empathy, which means nothing can truly hurt them.

I urge you to tread warily if you are about to Divorce a Narcissist, as I want you to live the best life you most certainly deserve. My FREE Yourself from The Narcissist will help guide you through this.

If you are in a situation and you feel some guidance will help you, please Download my  my FREE 5 Day Recovery From A Narcissistic Relationship, to help you begin your healing process.

5 day narcissistic relationship

Have a beautiful day.



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