‘Never Trust a Narcissist’ – quoted by Taylor Swift

Never a truer word spoken.

If only we were as wise as the fabulous Ms Taylor Swift.  If only we could see that our partners, wives, husbands, the one we have fallen in love with WAS a Narcissist, or as the clinical term ‘A person suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD),’ then our lives could be saved?

Narcissists are predators, often the most charming, popular and charismatic person you may have worked with, grew up with or, if you are like me, married.  Understanding a narcissist, is the first step to your mental freedom.  Their psychological manipulation is so devastating, lethal and on-going, that long after the relationship has ended, a victim can still feel the repercussions for many years, as akin to a form of PTSD.

Many may be unaware of this personality disorder, particularly as narcissists are brilliant at shielding their true selves.


They adapt themselves to their surroundings and to the needs of the current situation.  In effect they are chameleons, shielding their true selves, so we don’t detect who they truly are, until it’s too late.

If we could understand and identify our partners to be a Narcissist, we would know the only sensible act would be to to lace up our Nike’s and  RUN as far and as FAST as our legs could take us

If you are in a situation and you feel you could do with some guidance, please reach out to me at any time, or download my begin recovery from a narcissist relationship.

If you are in a situation and you feel some guidance will help you, please reach out to me at any time, or Download here my  my FREE 5 Day Recovery From A Narcissistic Relationship, to help you begin your healing process.

5 day narcissistic relationship

Have a beautiful day.

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