Psychological Invalidation is the Narcissist’s Key Modus Operandi

Psychological Invalidation of you’ is the key component of how your Narcissistic partner reaches into the depths of your mind, your thoughts.  Eventually their narcissistic emotional and dangerous words begin to chip away at your rational thinking.  Your confidence, your creativity, your skill set, you, slowly but surely you begin to lose all sense of yourself.

Common phrases from a narcissists are ‘Of who you actually are and what you are good at.  As you are told repeatedly that your thinking is not rational, you are no good at anything, and you should listen to what your partner has to say, as he or she know best.

Are my words resonating with what goes on in your relationship?

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5 day narcissistic relationship

Some of the narcissists favourite phrases which are told to nearly all my clients are:-

You are over-reacting as usual.’

‘You’re too sensitive.’

‘You are such high-maintenance.’

‘You are so negative.’

‘Why can’t you be more confident?’

I am contacted every week by men and women from all parts of the world, and the one statement that cuts a knife through my heart every single time.

‘I am so thankful that I have found your blogs on line, as now I know I AM NOT GOING CRAZY.  

I now know without a shadow of doubt my partner is a narcissist – thank you.’ 

I love and hate receiving these calls and emails, as firstly it pains me to know what you men and women are experiencing, just as I did, but then I am thankful I can help each and every one of you.

When in doubt of your sanity, your thought patterns or your actions, please take a moment to breathe, to calm your mind and listen to the little voice in your head which is telling you – IT’S NOT YOU – it’s your partner who is sending you crazy.

My 6 Module FREE yourself from Narcissist is now release, and I know this program is so greatly needed, to ensure we don’t spend our lives locked in the small, negative, cruel world that the narcissist have locked us in.  My program will help you break free of their shackles so you can live the magnificent life you so very much deserve.

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Hope you have a beautiful week as you so all deserve.

Much love




5 day narcissistic relationship



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