Divorcing a Narcissist? Preparation is Key!

If you are contemplating leaving your partner, and you suspect is a Narcissist, you must prepare for the worst and then everything has an upside.

‘Let us never negotiate out of fear.

But let us never fear to negotiate.’

John. F. Kennedy

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5 day narcissistic relationship

There is no need for me to summarise any of the characteristics of a Narcissist.  You more than anyone understand what it’s like when your partner does not get their own way?  You know its hellish, like watching a two-year-old throw the worst temper tantrum.  You have observed your partner plan, with precise accuracy to bring down whoever has down wrong by them.

Now, multiply that feeling by about a million, and this is what your Divorce is going to look and feel like.  Their own goal is to win at all costs – regardless of the pain they cause you and any children from your relationship.

Divorcing a Narcissist is not a normal, straight-forward divorce.  No, your Divorce will be nothing short of war.  Because of this fact, you must be prepared, which is what I instill in every one of my clients.  Ensure you understand everything there is with your finances, as this is the one area where they will if they possibly can, will attempt to hide and withhold funds, to be able to control you.

Please be calm, be calculated and be strategic before you leave the relationship, as this is vital to obtain the best outcome for you and your children.

My 6 Module FREE yourself from Narcissist Program is now released, and one module is dedicated to Divorcing a Narcissist from one who has.

My program will help you break free of their shackles so you can live the magnificent life you so very much deserve. You can learn more about the program here.

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5 day narcissistic relationship

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