Getting over a relationship with a narcissist

Narcissists are everywhere.  They work, live and cohabit amongst all of us every day.  However, many of us are unaware of this personality disorder, particularly as narcissists are brilliant at shielding their true selves.  They are chameleons fitting into whatever situation is required, so we don’t detect who they truly are, until it’s too late.

As I talk about in my upcoming program Dealing With A Narcissist, narcissists are predators. Yet they are often the most charming popular and charismatic person you may have worked with, grew up with or, if you are like me, married one.  Their psychological manipulation is so devastating, lethal and on-going, that long after the relationship has ended, a victim can still feel the repercussions for many years, as akin to a form of PTSD. Understanding a narcissist, is your first step to freedom.

I have many clients who have attempted many times to leave their Narcisstic partners, and the most common tips I advise them is as follows:-

Getting over a relationship with a narcissist

1.  Call on your support network.

This is imperative during this time you have your trusted friends and family raound you for support.

Why?  You might be thinking?  Narcissists if they understand you are steadfast at not reuniting, can become nasty and many have hidden anger issues that you may not have ever had dreamt existed.  Anger can escalate to violence extremely quickly in a volatile situation, so please ensure you are not alone during this delicate period.  You may think I’m an alarmist, but trust me you can’t trust a narcissist.

2.  Cut all social media access.

Block phone numbers, delete social media connections, cut off immediately.

Blocking any communication is harsh but extremely wise.  You can’t have an ex-partner who is a narcissist in your life as a ‘friend’ as all they will continue to do is sabotage your life, your relationships and your future.   Cut, cut, cut all social media TODAY!

3.  Learn to say NO when they attempt to lure you back.

Narcissists are as clever as magicians.  The way they lure us back time and time, only for us to understood very soon, nothing has truly changed, except the continuation of constant hurt, pain, and most importantly the mental torture.  You must dig deep and  think back to times, which there will be many, of extreme mental pain and hurt.  Capture that time in your mind, and use it as a shield when they are putting on their perfect display of being the loving, gentle soul you first fell in love with during the ‘love bombing phse.’  This is only a smoke screen disguising who this person truly is.  By now you know this persons true self, and its not nice.  Its dark, nasty, mean, spiteful and hurtful a whole world of pain and darkness.  You don;t deserve a life filled with  darkness, you deserve light, fun love and laughter.

So please take it from me, keep moving forward away from this dark and nasty person as you truly deserve the best in this world and you can only obtain this from saying NO to reconciling with this person.

If you understand your past relationship was with a Narcissist, Download my FREE 5 Day Recovery From A Narcissistic Relationship, to help you begin your healing process.

5 day narcissistic relationship

Have a beautiful day.

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