Learn How To Have Fun In Your 40’s

Having Fun In Your 40

I decided in my 40’s that I was going to master surfing, whether it killed me or not!  You might be thinking – ‘Why put your tired body through such torture?’

I finally realised, once happily ensconsed in my 40’s that I had nothing to lose and more importantly, I didn’t care about embarrassing myself and I had wanted to learn how to surf for too long.

My Father died slowly of heart failure, and I wouldn’t wish his death on another living soul.  During my father’s last days on earth, he would hold my hand as we chatted, and one sentence is etched in my mind like a tattoo.  He would whisper, ‘Don’t leave anything untried in this life, give everything a go, because when you get to this point in life, you don’t want any regrets.’

So taking my father’s advice, I am having a go in so many different areas in my life, including surfing.   I can at last stand on my board as I ride small waves, which I love, love, and love.   It gives me a rush, like the tingling feeling of young innocent perfect love, but even better if that’s possible.

What have you wanted to do for a long time, but have allowed your fear to overcome having a go?

Your fear of something, whether its what others may think, or simply of embarrassment as you are a beginner?  Please learn from me, as the amount of sand I have eaten, gallons of salt water I have swallowed and the wipe-outs I continue to greet on a daily basis, nothing can stop me from the end result, which is having fun!

Have a Go as you have nothing to lose.


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