Transform Fear of Divorce Into Your New Life

Transform Fear of Divorce

Into Your New Life

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Divorce is a destination that many of us arrive at, whether we like it or not!

Divorce can shake the stability of the foundations of our lives, as if we have been in the path of a violent earthquake.  It creates so many changes that at times we simply don’t recognise our lives any more.

Once the decision that divorce is the pathway forward, whether it was your decision or not, you will begin a journey that will irreversibly change you and your future.  You will navigate changes, choices and make tough decisions that will reinforce how powerful, strong and formidable you truly are.

During this time, I cannot emphasise more importantly taking time out of your busy life, to stop, to reflect on your past, so you can plan your future and the future of your children.

Divorce can trigger light bulb moments, where we know it’s time to change our pathway in life.  To begin a business idea that you had placed to the side during your marriage, or begin living a very different way of life.   You know it’s time for action on this idea that has been swimming around inside your head for too long.  It’s time to give your idea, your dream whatever it may be all the energy you can to transform your dream into a reality.

I hope that we all learn to embrace divorce as opposed to fear it.  Nobody I have ever met would ever dream to think that they would become a divorce statistic, but that’s life.  So when you find yourself a member of the divorce club, embrace it, embrace the change and follow your heart, as from my experience divorce can guide us to a new pathway in life.  One, which is full of experiences that we may never have previously encountered.  Enabling us to begin living a life we may never had envisioned, one far healthier and happier than we had ever dreamed.

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