1 Simple Step Towards Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply focusing on ‘THE PRESENT.’

This may sound a simple task?  However, when life is lived at a relentless stressful pace, the concept of being present is assumed.   I felt as a Parent, that I was present. I was always at home, I wasn’t out partying, but I now realise looking back, I was anything but present, as I was too exhausted to be‘Fully Present.’

I fortunately came to a juncture in my life when I realised my life was too busy. I led a life that leftbusy at the starting line.  Being a Sole Parent, Working Full-Time in the Corporate World with extensive travel and caring for Ageing Parents, sadly was a life overflowing with too much stress.

I had no awareness of how I was feeling as I couldn’t let that thought cross my mind, I had to keep going, until, my body said STOP!  Being able to stop was a true life-changing experience and once I did stop, my life began to open up to new and exciting experiences that I would never had discovered if I had continued along my busy life.  I was also guided towards my new purpose in life Life Coaching.

In my new journey I discovered Meditation and Yoga. This may sound nothing to most, but this is from a true skeptic who truly felt neither meditation nor yoga would have any benefits for me, as I was too highly strung. I was to be proved very wrong!

Yoga and Meditation have become life changing for me. I would never have thought I would stop and begin to love and appreciate nature. To sit on the beach of a morning absorbing the sounds around me, instead of focusing on finishing 4, 5,or 6k’s run finished by a certain time.  I learned to slow down, to observe and to truly listen to the waves crashing on the ocean shores, and I recall those beautiful sounds as I fall asleep at night.  I now live in the country which is only 15 minutes from the closest beach, so now I wake each glorious day to the sound of birds, cows and a myriad of wildlife, which is a perfect way to start my day. My life is a quiet one where I am truly grateful for each and every day.  Every new day, I feel I am a more empathetic, present human being and most importantly, a Present Parent.  I am blessed to know what peace feels like thanks to MINDFULNESS.

If I can learn to slow down, I now know ANYBODY CAN.

My tip towards MINDFULNESS for everybody,  is to learn the 4/7/8 Technique as follows:-

  1. BREATHE IN for the count of 4.
  2. HOLD YOUR BREATHE for the count of 7.
  3. BREATHE OUT slowly to the count of 8.
  4. Do the above BREATHING technique 4 TIMES .

I know you will feel calmer to cope with the stress that has triggered a sensation within you that is not enjoyable.  I have learnt this technique and I practice it every day, and at times of extreme stress, which for me is during turbulence while flying on airplanes, it calms me immediately.

I hope this helps you as it did me!


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