3 steps to lower stress

I understood the need to lower my stress levels and the immediate health benefits, after reaching ‘Burn Out,’ from too many years of living life at a pace that was too fast and extremely unhealthy.

Finally, I began to lower the stress in my life to begin to regain and enjoy my health, as without our health, we have nothing. Being a sole parent, I should have placed my health as my number one priority, but I didn’t. I placed more importance on keeping up with my corporate career and always being there to support others at the detriment to my health. I had to radically change my life beginning with transforming my thought processes to place my needs first instead of last. Today, I lead a much healthier and calmer life, one I had dreamt of for too long.


My 3 Steps to Lower Stress Levels


Be Grateful

Start and End your day with Grateful Thoughts. This will ensure you begin and end your day in a ‘Positive’ manner. I do this as I wake each day. You can be thankful for anything, it might be you are thankful for the clear blue skies, or your new linen sheets you recently bought and love the feel of, or you might be thankful for the smile your favourite Barista gave you as he or she handed you your delicious coffee.  Anything, that brings a smile into your thoughts. Starting your day this way is a calm and positive infusion of good thoughts that will help you to remain calm throughout the day.

Be Present

I sincerely wish I understood the simplicity of being present earlier. Understanding we are unable to change the course of events throughout our days or life, but we can control how we react to these events. Focusing solely on the one issue that demands your attention, while allowing all other distractions to fade into insignificance, will lower your stress levels immediately. Being present will increase your level of participation at work, improve parenting as you are focusing and listening at a deeper level, and will lower your overall stress levels.   Start today and you will never look back.

Switch Off 

My rule to switch off all electrical appliances, computers, phones, tablets, a minimum 2 hours before bedtime has become a wonderful time to connect with each other. Use this time to talk to your children, your partner and when you do listen to them fully. Or if you are alone, be still and begin your gratitude list for your day earlier. I hope you enjoy the peace.


Have a beautiful day xxx

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