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I Know How It Feels To Be
A Strong Woman In Crisis

  • That desperate wishing for a ‘fast forward’ button to speed through the deeply horrible stuff and into calmer waters …
  • Badly wanting this situation to end. Secretly dreading it will end badly.
  • Maybe you are in shock at the cruel actions of your ex, who you will understand much later is because they are a Narcissist!
  • Floundering in the uncertainty of the expense and the endless emotional pain.
  • I remember the embarrassment. The fear. The sense that nobody truly gets how this feels and that people are watching, whispering … judging. I remember feeling suddenly unhinged. I’d always coped so well, and now … what was wrong with me? Why was I struggling so much?
  • In the midst of it all, there was the knowledge that nothing can stay the same. Everything is going to change now. And there’s panic about that …

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In this state, you’re expected to make decisions.

  • Big decisions. Decisions that will have a long-lasting impact on your future security and your professional and personal options
  • You’re expected to communicate with the one person you can no longer live with, no matter whose idea it was to end it, how fraught things are, or how alarmingly your heart thumps whenever your phone pings with an incoming message.
  • You’re expected to know what to do, when your confidence is through the floor and you’re feeling trapped and powerless and completely overwhelmed.

It’s time for you to


As your Divorce Coach, I will guide you through the Unknown!

Working together, you will move assertively with integrity.

I’ll guide you to make logical choices

As you re-establish yourself.

Create practical & sound financial pathways.

But that’s only a small part of what we’ll cover together.

This is not just about surviving your relationship breakdown.

It’s about learning to THRIVE & RISE UP!


Work with me to step into who you need to be!


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