Are you DONE?

Done with the lies, the cheating, the pain from your narcissistic partner?

Has your separation or divorce left you feeling CRAZY?

It’s ok.  That’s what the Narcissist wants – For you to believe that.

But that’s not going to happen as you have arrived here.

You are about to become YOUR Narcissists Worst Nightmare.


I have been YOU


I know the steps to take to ensure you are:-

Emotionally and Mentally Strong to stand up to your partner.

Financially Secure to Create Your Financial Freedom.

Legally Savvy to Ensure you Obtain The Best Results

For you and your Children’s Future

I did it, & so can YOU

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Who Am I?


I am The Narcissist Recovery Coach

After 25 years in the Financial Markets of London, Hong Kong & Sydney.

I created this business to share every step,

On How I Transformed,

From the broken, wounded woman I was.

To how I arrived to live my amazing life of today.

I have featured in everything from ELLE magazine,

to US Top Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Ms Laura Wasser’s website who looks after Kim Kardashian

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To Many More Global Publications.

All this after being Discarded by my Narcissistic Husband,

Finding myself Alone, Broken and Financially Ruined.

With my 8-week old baby daughter to raise – somehow!




I Support You as You Reclaim Your Lost Power,

Your Lost Sense of Self

Together We Strategise a Plan For You To Create



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